Quality control is a vital part of our operations. That’s why we use Statistical Process Control (SPC) throughout our manufacturing processes to ensure the integrity of all our products.

Quality Policy Statement

"We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers."

"We are customer driven and our highly developed quality systems and process controls ensure predictable quality."

IATF / ISO Certified
Supplier Manual

To properly support our customers, Kilian depends on our suppliers to ship quality parts, on-time and in the right quantities. Please refer to our Supplier Manual for expectations of Kilian suppliers.

Strict Quality Process Controls

Quality is built into many production processes with innovative "mistake-proofing" devices. Kilian systems are well documented and robust. The assembly process pictured below measures bearing components so the optimum ball size is selected. This optimized selection allows accurate control of the amount of play in the assembled bearings.


  • Optical comparators confirm component geometry
  • Electronic and other gauges conform to ANSI standards
  • Metallurgical, hardness and plating inspection
  • Bearing life cycle and durability testing
  • O.C. testing of all components before assembly
Process Controls—Instrumentation and Test Equipment

State of the art test equipment is available for product qualification and analysis.

Kilian Quality Team

Our highly skilled Quality Team understands the manufacturing process and customer requirements.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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