Industrial Clutch works directly with your engineering team to design a customized bearing that satisfies all your application criteria. With world class product development capabilities, Kilian engineers draw from lessons learned from thousands of bearing designs to build a custom solution that fits your application requirements. We then work with your engineering team to quickly develop a prototype to ensure up front that our design will accurately solve your needs.

Our bearings are manufactured from a wide variety of steels, specifically suited and appropriately hardened to satisfy your requirements. Special tire materials—such as nylon, urethane, rubber, acetal and other plastics—can also be supplied as part of the bearing assembly. To prevent corrosion and improve appearance, we can finish your bearings with trivalent zinc plate, zinc with yellow chromate, zinc nickel, black oxide, nickel, chrome and other types of plating.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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