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Industrial Clutch LKB Brake for Mine Crusher

July 17, 2017
Mine Crusher

A U.S. mine equipment manufacturer needed a robust, reliable brake solution for one of its larger crushers. The brake provides emergency stop functionality in case of a jam or other problem conditions.

Industrial Clutch supplied a 21" diameter LKB 217 brake with 74,460 torque capacity to meet the crusher application requirements.

Heavy-duty LKB brakes feature high-energy metallic linings with large swept areas, ensuring excellent heat dissipation, uniform stopping distances and long lining life. Units also feature high-strength alloy steel drive studs, actuation springs sized for maximum life, and long-life piston seals. Long spline lengths on the brake discs maximize load-carrying capacity.

Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes

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  • Spring-set, pneumatically released brakes
  • Non-asbestos lining materials with large pad areas for maximum heat dissipation
  • Induction-hardened hub splines
  • High-strength alloy steel drive studs
  • Actuation springs sized for maximum life
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