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Industrial Clutch
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Welcome to Industrial Clutch

Clutches, Brakes, Controls & Hydraulics

Industrial Clutch Brakes and Hydraulics


Established in 1930, industrial clutch products has designed and manufactured a complete line of dry and oil-immersed clutches and brakes, ranging in size from 8 to over 42 inches in diameter, with torque capacities exceeding four million pound-inches. We also specialize in hydraulics and controls for use with our clutches and brakes.

We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to customers needs for standard, modified and custom designs for unique or volume requirements. We are dedicated to ongoing research and development programs and full scale testing.

Worldwide installations include metal forming, mining, and marine applications to name a few. Industrial clutch components have been satisfying power transmission needs at a competitive price for almost 70 years.

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